Rihanna And Justin Timberlake Stand Around In The Desert And Stare At Each Other

Last time out, Rihanna was taking her video inspirations from Trent Reznor, and this time, she’s going down the modern-rock playlist and plumbing ideas from… The Killers? Maybe not, but I definitely feel like Brandon Flowers is going to pop up at any moment in the video for “Rehab,” which mostly features Ri-Ri and Justin Timberlake giving each other smoldering looks and lingering touches while sweating out the desert’s dry heat and the toxins that build up in one’s body when one is forced to hold in their anger at the paparazzi for way too long. The JT/Timbaland-penned song’s OK enough, I suppose–it kind of sounds like a filler track to me, but I guess Island had little choice as far as “singles to squeeze the album dry” choices went. (I mean, it’s not like they could re-release that kinda-underrated Maroon 5 collab, right?) [MTV / YouTube]