“Chinese Democracy” Now Available For Your Fully Legal Perusal

Nov 20th, 2008 // 6 Comments

More evidence that Chinese Democracy is actually going to be on the shelves at a Best Buy near you come Sunday: The album is now streaming at Guns N’ Roses MySpace page, and aside from the music and the delightful Axl Rose icon at left, the page also brings the information that the title track has received 118,000-plus streams in the last eight hours, while track 14 (“Prostitute”) has been heard a mere 22,497 times. Is that drop-off because of fatigue or because people can’t figure out how to scroll down? Only time (and Sunday’s SoundScan numbers!) will tell. [MySpace; HT coolfer]

  1. Maura Johnston

    He looks like Flash Drive Axl there, for real.

  2. BawstonSean

    I think Axl has spent the last 15 years listening to nothing but Stabbing Westward and the late-night Cinemax music library. I’m gonna have to listen to that first Ju Ju Hounds record on repeat for the rest of the day to rinse this awfulness from my beleguered little brain…

  3. Cos

    Axl looks way too happy up there to be rock n’ roll.

  4. Chris N.

    Now “I.R.S.” is the track with the least plays. People just don’t like the I.R.S., I suppose.

  5. Lucas Jensen

    @Chris N.: Maybe because it’s stupid and terrible?

  6. Lucas Jensen

    @BawstonSean: That’s so true. The fact that respected critics willed themselves into giving this thing A- and four star reviews is embarrassing.

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