AC/DC Making Itself Comfortable On Any Airplay Chart That Will Have It

Nov 20th, 2008 // 1 Comment

We’ve shaken our heads over the fact that AC/DC has made its maiden voyage on the Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart with the song “Rock N’ Roll Train,” but what to make of the same song landing on the Hot Dance Club Tracks chart? “Train” debuts at No. 48 on the airplay-only chart, which this week also includes songs by Tiffany, Jody Watley, and the B-52′s. (Maybe it’s a retro thing?) A YouTube search for “Rock N Roll Train remix” turned up the above track, which has just enough oonch I guess to make it palatable for dancers. One thing’s for sure: I am full-body cringing at the thought of Jason Nevins doing his thing to Axl Rose as a result of this bit of “success.” [ / YouTube; HT Matos]

  1. DocStrange

    …zuh? Hot Dance Club Tracks?

    Apparently, back in the 80′s and 90′s, this kind of stuff happened all the time with stuff like the Hot Dance Singles Sales chart, where songs like “How Soon is Now” by The Smiths and the far less danceable “Jesus Built My Hot Rod” by Ministry were somehow doing business on that chart (a loophole caused any single sold as a “maxi-single” could chart, which was fixed in the mid-90′s).

    Also, because “Rock ‘n’ Roll Train” and other mainstream rock singles are charting on the Modern Rock Tracks chart, singles which should chart on Modern Rock Tracks are hanging on the #41 to #50 entries on Mediabase for months (stuff like “Never Miss A Beat” by Kaiser Chiefs, “Propane Nightmares” by Pendulum and “Love is Noise” by The Verve – all of which should’ve hit the Top 40 of Modern Rock Tracks, have been denied by entries by Nickelback and AC/DC).

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