The Roots Get In Bus Crash, Escape Serious Injury

Nov 20th, 2008 // Comment

The Spiceworld-esque double-decker bus belonging to Philly heroes and possible new Jimmy Fallon sidemen The Roots pulled a 360 and ended up laying on top of another van while the band was traveling around Europe. It all sounds pretty freaky, and it’s amazing that they walked away relatively unscathed. ?uestlove describes it thusly in an e-mail reprinted by Okayplayer:

was i upside down?

why am i covered in cereal?

oh shit….that coffee pot is coming for my face!!!

in reality the crash was all of about 7 seconds….but to do a 360 on the highway and end up ramped up (the van that crashed into ours was UNDER our double decker bus) in the air….is….well…

a frigging miracle.

You can check out his full email here to read more about the harrowing aftermath of the accident. It’s good to hear that nobody came out seriously hurt, because that picture looks pretty rough. Here’s ?uestlove again:

when i got outside…..and looked at what i crawled out of?


i just couldn’t believe it.

i mean….how in the hell did we experience this?

how did we manage to….man…..

dog we are soooo alive right now.


Roots Crash Bus In Europe: Everyone OK [Okayplayer]

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