Nov 20th, 2008 // 4 Comments

Yesterday, Al wondered why Guns N’ Roses’ record label was rush-releasing a second single from Chinese Democracy, the leaked-long-ago “Better,” a few days before the album had even arrived on Best Buy’s shelves. Well, it would appear that the title song, which was the album’s inaugural emphasis track, has already peaked at radio: This week, it’s down one spot on Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks (to No. 5) and down two places on Hot Modern Rock Tracks (to No. 26). While its slide down Modern Rock was sorta predictable, what with the cognitive dissonance factors and all, it should be noted that the one-place drop on Mainstream Rock came during a week where the song gained in airplay, but was outgunned by–sigh–Shinedown. Gotta love the post-dignity era. [Full coverage]


  1. Al Shipley

    That Shinedown songs feels like it’s going to be huge and inescapable, though, I already feel like I hear it more often than anything else on the chart.

    Still so in love with the Axl Zwinky.

  2. Anonymous

    I realize you’re talking about Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Chart but does anyone know the difference between Radio & Record’s “Active Rock” chart and their “Rock” chart?

  3. Al Shipley

    @2ironic4u: Given that the audience numbers for their “Rock” chart are at least twice as much as any other individual rock chart, I’m guessing it’s just a big catchall chart for all the different rock formats (active, alternative, triple A, etc.)

  4. music666

    Maura – do you know anything about radio charts? The record as of Monday’s printed BDS and Mediabase charts was doing quite well at both Active Rock and Alt. Both solid gains, both still moving upwards. The issue is this: they want as much heat on this record going into launch and Xmas as possible. They have a fortune invested in the album and it’s the last one Axl is giving them, so it isn’t considered a long term project. They are going to get their $$ and get out.

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