Deadmau5 Builds A Strobe-Lit Trap

Nov 21st, 2008 // 7 Comments

“In this world of ever evolving genres, sounds and trends, the word phenomenon is rarely if ever used,” Deadmau5’s bio unreliably asserts. Except in the case of, uh, this clearly phenomenal fellow, whose new album on Ultra, randomly titled Random Album Title, entered the Heatseekers chart at No. 65 last week, then dropped off this week. (His Clockwork EP did debut on Hot Singles Sales at No. 17 in its stead, though.) Very informative explanation of his music, from his Wiki page: “Deadmau5 (pronounced ‘Dead mouse’, birth name Joel Zimmerman) is a Progressive house and Electro house musician and DJ from Toronto, Canada. His extensive discography includes tracks such as ‘Arguru’ and ‘Not Exactly.’” Got that? You may call him Mau5y, you may call him Zimmy, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody.

And he’s recorded tons of music, including two songs you never heard of before. Cool! Also, he has a record label called Mau5trap. His symbol, or logo, or whatever, is indeed a mou5e, midway between Mickey Mou5e and a computer mou5e, yet seemingly not dead. (Or Mode5t, for that matter. Or On Mar5. Or, um… Dangerou5.) Seems like he must be a big deal in the world of electronifica, seeing how he’s worked with both Sasha and Digweed–not to mention Tiesto, Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, and other notable techno people whose names I’ve actually heard before. And you’d be a big deal, too, if your on-stage props included a “tailor made giant Mau5head complete with powerful strobe lighting eyes that get (your) fans in a frenzy during (your) spellbinding sets.” Said head is clearly visible in the live video for “Ghosts N Stuff (Hard Intro Version)” (which one comment-writer insists is actually called “The Reward is Cheese” instead, so take your pick.) Well, actually, the video has two mau5 heads, oddly enough, neither particularly “giant,” and the mi5e wearing them engage in a wrestling match. Then Deadmau5 works in frightening music such as Vincent Price’s evil laughs from “Thriller” and Chopin’s “Pray For the Dead And The Dead Will Pray For You.” Very goth, not that you’d know that from the frenzied fans. Me, I kinda dig the psychedelic organ stuff that happens between the four and five minute mark. But 9:53 is really long.

Deadmau5 [MySpace]

  1. Anonymous

    When I saw “deadmau5 and “trap” in the headline, I thought for sure the story would be about this:


    Short version: “Dirtycircuit” releases a song on CD, iTunes, etc. that makes heavy use of a supposedly royalty-free loop sample called “Berlin” from FL Studio. Deadmau5 sues Dirtycircuit for ripping off his track “Berlin” — and the resemblance is obvious. But nobody so far has an explanation for how the sample got into FL Studio.

  2. nicopop

    Interesting to see Deadmau5 get coverage here, what was the inspiration?

    Also: The Reward is Cheese only kicks in around 7.20 for a bit.

  3. T'Challa

    Hmmmm, interesting. You forgot to mention that he’s already a pariah in the commercial dance scene for saying things like “the era of the DJ is over” and more succinctly, “DJs are cunts.”

    But I won’t lie–that mousehead he wears is pretty frickin’ cool. I mean, if I have to watch a DJ, he might as well be wearing a giant glowing mousehead, you know?

  4. Anonymous

    Progressive house DJ has poorly written bio, film at 11.

    Random Album Title definitely lags after a few tracks, but “Sometimes Things Get, Whatever”/”Complicated” are the jam. Dude should maybe just stick to 12″s.

  5. Anonymous

    As much as I wanted to dislike Deadmau5, because of his association with Tiesto (….UGH.) and Sasha (Eh…), I can’t say the music ain’t good. I got Random Album Title a few weeks back and most of the album is good. Some are definitely jams and can be used in a lot of varied DJ sets. Deadmaus5 definitely should release 12″s, but he should also broaden his horizons a little more, because this could be amazing if he crosses a genre or two in the electronic field. Just, please…no more Tiesto involvement.

  6. Dj Jumpstyle

    This guy is simply Awesome ! I will try o Bootleg mix, i’m a Jumpstyle Dj.

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