Don’t Go Buying Those New Order Reissues During Your Holiday Shopping Yet

Nov 21st, 2008 // 15 Comments

Customers have been taking to the Internet to catalog their numerous complaints regarding Rhino’s recent New Order reissues, so the company has apparently pulled the discs from sale until the issues can be resolved. Peter Hook, as seems to be his current habit, blogged his ire when the reissues hit shelves in England last month, saying that the band didn’t have a chance to hear the discs’ final mixes. Still, the American release soldiered on Tuesday, only to have the same complaints surface here. Some of the bonus tracks sound to me like vinyl rips instead of master recordings, which is very strange unless Shaun Ryder stole the originals from some Factory vault back in the day and sold them for hash. (Hey, it’s possible.) Somehow, I’d like to blame Edgar Bronfman, whose Warner Music is the parent company of re-issuer Rhino, which has made its name as a loving caretaker of music history. But regardless of who’s to blame, this debacle is embarrassing to everyone involved and irritating to those who went out and purchased the discs to begin with. [Billboard]

  1. brasstax

    Dan, you are a king among men for choosing the Technique cover, as it’s the band’s best album.

  2. Dick Laurent is dead.

    Good to know, guess I can hold onto my cash a bit longer.

  3. Lucas Jensen

    @brasstax: Thank you for saying that, though I put it in a tie with PCL. I love ‘em all, really, even the new ones. Yep.

    Man, I was asking for this for Christmas!

  4. Chris Molanphy

    Add me to the Christmas wishers for these. And I came thisclose to picking up Brotherhood for myself last week — glad I didn’t.

  5. Anonymous

    Wait, doesn’t that make them collector’s items now?

  6. Handsome Pete

    Let’s hope my parents were slow on the Christmas shopping this year.

  7. Poubelle

    @Handsome Pete: Hah, my thoughts exactly.

  8. dreamsneverend

    Out of the rereleases the Movement album is the best. Finally having a digital copy of the original versions of Tempation (7 and 12″ vers) even if they are vinyl rips… Oh well there is no honor among labels it seems.

  9. DocStrange

    wait, what?

    I was just going to go out to buy these.

    Also, considering that “Blue Monday” is now on the second disc of Power, Corruption & Lies instead of being apart of the regular tracklisting (as it had been since the record was first released in the US), this means that the flow of the record would be ruined for me (even if it is the original track listing). Knowing Hook, he’s going to blame Sumner for this one.

  10. Lucas Jensen

    @DocStrange: What? I, too, am used to the US track listing. Ugh.

  11. Wicked Zoot

    Somehow this seems oddly appropriate. After the whole Retro debacle and looking back on the history of Factory, it would be kinda disappointing if this went off without a hitch. I’ll bet Tony Wilson is laughing his ass off right about now.

  12. 10:02am

    @DocStrange: I always skipped “Blue Monday” when listening to my PCL CD. It was never meant to be part of the record, amd the band readily agrees, and it I always found it to completely ruin the tone of the album. Needless to say, that goes even double for including “The Beach”, a “Blue Monday” remix, as the album’s closing song and dashing the album’s excellent track sequencing and symmetry. I looked forward to getting PCL with its untampered tracklist, it’s a shame that apparently it’s crap.

  13. Anonymous

    Well..these are just typical of other remasters…shoddily done…LOUD LOUD LOUD!!! (not the way the music was conceived)
    All this poop about the music sounding “thin” compared to current stuff…
    I go on record as saying that we have devolved wrt. audio quality…
    Anything that hook states in interviews is basically unintelligible wrt. this…

    Hold onto your old Factory discs…I promise you this music will not sound as good ever again…

  14. 10:02am

    @sydbarrett05: Oh, that reminds me, I was going to mention: The only remaster I picked up was Movement, and after doing an admittedly very brief A/B on iMac speakers between it and the old Warner/Factory disc, I noticed that there was in fact no significant difference in overall level. On some tracks, not all, there seemed to be a touch of hi-end boost on the remaster, but again, very subtle. I’m wondering if there was much of an attempt made to improve the sound, or if that smidgen of added brightness is just incidental

  15. Anonymous

    My question to you is this…
    What needed to be done to the sound since?
    The band obviously approved the first time…now they have changed their mind?
    There hasn’t been much improvement in Digital Audio since these were made…
    See…a remaster has to boast some sort of manipulation in order to lay claim to “see we did something to it! It’s louder, more high end…boosted lows! See! It’s “different”)

    Now that isn’t necessarily better…
    Here’s a secret…the best “Dark Side of the Moon” on CD believe it or not is the original CD from Japan done in 1983 made by Toshiba EMI…now that disc has been “remastered” either publicly or secretly approx. 10 times since then…and ya know what? They didn’t nail it like they did the very first time!
    Same goes for the same issue of “Abbey Road”…(they call it the “Black Triangle” design just in case you go searching on ebay…it is scarce as heck!)

    But for the cheaper of us…hows this…and tying this all together…for say Joy Division…and New Order…just go find the old Factory discs (NOT the “Quest” or anything that has anything to do with WEA) and you will be happy…
    Really…the Joy Divisions are kinda harsh…Same theory goes for Led Zeppelin…the same tapes were used for BOTH masterings….and they aren’t the masters…they are LP production tapes or safeties…(this has been affirmed by the man who mastered them the first time and also the fellow who pulled the tapes for Page and Marino the second time….same tapes…different eq…guess what sounds better when you crank it? The first issues…meaning the ones that have a silver label and no mention of Page and Marino’s name on the back….)

    Rant over…

    All this is done for money…that’s why this stuff is remastered…
    There are a few exceptions…but not these….

    Sorry…had a lot to say there!

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