Show Of Hands

So, uh, did anyone ever finish the application for their free Chinese Democracy-commemorating Dr Pepper yesterday? Well, don’t worry if you didn’t and you still want your damn soda: Due to “consumer demand” (read: “our IT department neglecting to tell us that we’d probably need more servers to handle the kind of out-of-control response this half-in-jest offer received”), the promotion has been extended to 6 p.m. ET today and branched out to a phone number (1-888-DRPEPPER). Extending it to a day when those Americans who are still employed are at work: Probably a smart idea, given that people are always looking for new ways to slack off during holiday-shortened weeks. [Marketwatch]

  • JDR

    Got through early this morning. Couldn’t yesterday at all.

  • brasstax

    I got through and filled out the info this morning, but the confirmation page never resolved.

  • BaseballBookshelf

    I can’t wait to be thirsty four to six weeks from now!

  • Anonymous

    Nope. Those selfish bastards are keeping the Pepper from the People, welshing on their bet by having “server issues.”
    Either that or anyone estimates server traffic for companies (ANY company- Apple, Dr. Pepper) should be fired. They are ALWAYS wrong.

  • Al Shipley

    You would think, since the GNR album is only being sold at one retail chain, that they should’ve been able to just work something out where all participating stores have a deal where you can purchase the CD and the soda together at no extra price for the latter.

  • Anonymous

    @Al Shipley: But that would require I buy the CD.

  • egg cream

    Busy signal on the phone line, too.

  • jody

    the site kept crashing on me, and i got a busy signal on the phone line. ah well.

  • Rob Murphy

    @Al Shipley: Oh, Al…

    This has nothing to do with giving GnR fans a free soda. It’s just a silly-looking marketing move — let Dr. Pepper bask in the glow of the massive publicity the “it’s about freakin’ time!” release of Chinese Democracy will see — combined with a stealthy data-mining of customers’ personal information, so these customers can be bombarded with offers to BUY MORE SODA in the future.

  • MrStarhead

    Man, I STILL couldn’t get the thing to go through, Monday or Sunday.

  • Ajay

    As a self-proclaimed candy connisuer (and bad sleeplr), I would like to make the following statement:Skittles gum tastes great, but one cannot overlook it’s poor gumminess, as you move from the sugar and taste phase, to the everlasting gum phase. In other words it falls apart fast, and I invariably swallow it like real Skittles.