For One Brief, Shining Moment, The Backstreet Boys Were Rendered Complete Again

Nov 24th, 2008 // 1 Comment

The four remaining Backstreet Boys took the departure of member Kevin Richardson pretty hard when he left the ground in 2006 to pursue “new goals”–they even acknowledged that it would be hard to fill his shoes in a promo pic. So his return to the group during Sunday night’s show at the Palladium in Hollywood, Calif., was greeted not only by lots of screaming from fans (seriously, you may want to turn down your computer speakers before hitting “play” on the above clip of “Shape Of My Heart”), the other Boys also seem to feel kinda giddy, with Richardson even aiding Nick Carter in an ab-flash. No word on how this bit of working as a five-piece will alter the “new sound” Carter’s been spouting off about in interviews… at least, not yet. [YouTube via MTV]

  1. emmyann

    I don’t care that I’m 21 years old.

    I was there. It was epic.

    However, it was only for the encore song. All signs seem to point to a continued quartet for the future. (Including the new studio work with T-Pain they started today.)

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