Kid Rock Unclear On The Meaning Behind The Word “Punishment”

Dec 2nd, 2008 // 6 Comments

Was it really more than a year ago that Kid Rock got in a scrap at a Waffle House that resulted in him having to go for anger-management training and perform some community service? It was, and Kid figured that enough time had passed that he could get “creative” with his service time… by going on his already-scheduled trip to the Middle East to entertain the troops stationed over there. Sure, singing for the servicemen and women who are stuck in Iraq is a noble pursuit, but the judge who sentenced him didn’t exactly think that killing two birds with one high-publicity stone would allow Kid to properly reflect on scattering and smothering his parking-lot opponent. “Giving him credit for something he would otherwise love to do in front of a camera completely defeats the punitive purpose of performing community service,” the judge wrote in his decision denying Kid Rock’s request. Which is kind of a good point, given that the whole idea of “punishment” would seem to imply “doing something one really doesn’t want to do.” But Kid disagrees, and he’s mad enough to blog about it. The Skynyrd-recycling Detroit boy’s missive to his fans after the jump.

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and get
something off my chest (as you all probably know I’m not
a big blogger! But I do read my website and myspace
page when I have time, and thank you for all the kind
words and shout outs!).

I headed to Europe last Friday for a small tour and then am
most likely going back to the Middle East to entertain our
troops for the holidays (again!) I’d be lying if I didn’t
mention it’s kind of bittersweet due to the fact that I
petitioned the judge (Alvin T. Wong, Dekalb County,
Georgia) in my “Waffle House” case so that the 80 hours of
community service he sentenced me to would be served by
my holiday trip to entertain our troops (for my 3rd
Christmas and 4th time!). Apparently he thinks it’s more
important that I do something else rather than sing, shake
hands, take pictures and spend time with the men and
women who put themselves in harms way to protect the
very freedoms he and all of us live by. I really take it as a
slap in the face, and really have trouble thinking of a better
way to “serve the community,” especially at Christmas time
when it’s obviously the hardest time for soldiers to be away
from their families and home (and I try not to think about
it when I’m there, but it’s a little freaky being in the middle
of a war zone!). It’s not that I don’t take responsibility for
my actions, because I do, and I have, in more ways than
one. The case got so much press (a lot of it very silly press)
that I decided before I even went to court that I would have
a fundraiser at a local Georgia Waffle House and donate the
money to a local Dekalb County homeless shelter that helps
families get back on their feet (we raised close to 20
thousand dollars for that shelter).

I figured I would use the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive (The judge didn’t seem to care
to much about that either, but whatever, that wasn’t about anything other than using the media BACK
to do some good!). I’m sure a lot of you will comment on this and in a weird way it will make me feel a little better, but either way this judge will leave a bad taste of ignorance in my mouth, but I don’t let
even the DEVIL get me down so, WHATEVA!! Well, that’s my rant, I hope I’m doing the right thing by
sharing my feelings (I’m usually better at it on a song!!). So in ending I would just like to wish all of
you, my friends, a happy holiday season. Thank you for all your support, I truly appreciate each and
every one of you! God Bless!

Your Friend,

Kid Rock

Man, for a man of the people, he sure does want to be able to use his celebrity so he doesn’t have to pick shit up on the side of the road, huh?

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  1. Lax Danja House

    I wonder if the troops themselves have any say in this. i.e. “we didn’t actually invite you here, bob” etc.

  2. NoOneCaresAboutYourFuckingBlog

    Even Boy George picked up trash before offering to sing for sanitation workers. If we were to extend this to it’s logical conclusion, Kid Rock should spend a week fighting in Iraq! After all, he seems to passionate about the troops! Why doesn’t he help them out first hand shoveling shit, marching, and, you know, getting shot at?

  3. westartedthis


  4. Anonymous

    I was very moved when Kid Rock expressed in song his desire to smoke a joint before mowing the lawn. I wonder how this case will affect my request to do my community service working closely with unwed teenage mothers. You know, just helping them get their start.

  5. Anthony Miccio

    surprised kid rock couldn’t use TI upcoming tv show as precedent.

  6. Murk

    Am I to understand that you really think that Kid Rock’s “singing for the servicemen and women who are stuck in Iraq is a noble pursuit”? For whom? Don’t they deserve someone who doesn’t suck?

    Actually, I’m not a real big “support our troops” booster, so let them get stuck with this buffoon.

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