Jazmine Sullivan Will Not Be Wronged By You

Dec 4th, 2008 // 11 Comments

I’d been meaning to post about Jazmine Sullivan’s sinewy breakup lament “Bust Your Windows” since I saw its destructoporn clip on some of MTV’s digital-cable outlets a few weeks back; now I have an excuse, thanks to her nabbing five Grammy nominations last night. She was nominated for Best New Artist, and “Bust” got a nod for Best R & B Song; she also got nods for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance (for the Missy Elliott-produced “Need U Bad”), Best Contemporary R & B Album, and Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance. (Generation-spanning!) The 21-year-old Philly native’s Fearless came out back in September, and I especially dig “Bust” because of its simultaneous reveling in breaking stuff and admission that said destruction isn’t as cathartic as one might think when one first picks up that crowbar. I know, honey. I know. [MTV / YouTube / MySpace]

  1. bcapirigi

    It’s kind of the gayest song ever. Diva-like wailing, and somewhere between Hit Em Up Style and Shirley Bassey’s cover of Get The Party Started.

    I love it, in other words. Even though the lyrics are totally stupid.

  2. Maura Johnston

    @bcapirigi: it’s sort of like ‘hit ‘em up style’ with a conscience, you know? (or at least a nod to the current times, where getting credit isn’t so easy.)

  3. Al Shipley

    I kind of hate thing song, it really dampered my enthusiasm for Sullivan and her album. It’s like a more musically drab version of “Ring The Alarm” crossed with a more lyrically tame version of “Before He Cheats.”

  4. Al Shipley

    hate this song, ahem

  5. Rob Murphy

    I’m somewhat embarrassed to say I’ve had limited exposure to Sullivan. But, also, not feeling this. At. All.

    I’ll let her make her case, but right now I’m thinking the BNA award will go to either the JoBros or Lady Antebellum.

  6. Rock You Like An Iracane

    Am I the only one who’s never heard of Lady Antebellum?

  7. Lucas Jensen

    I like it. This is the “remix” version, right?

    I think you can hear studio trickery/protools/autotune in the choruses. The melisma bugs a bit, but it immediately stood out when I was listening to Big Tigger a while back.

  8. Anonymous

    I’d never heard of this tranny until this morning. This song sucks.

  9. Chris Molanphy

    I like this, maybe because I like the Carmen-esque sample it’s riding. The video’s not as interesting as it could be.

    @Rock You Like An Iracane: Nashville trio. Recently scored their first Country Top 10 after a long, slow climb.

  10. ObtuseIntolerant

    @Rock You Like An Iracane: I heard of them when they played my State Fair one a double bill with thatkid with the flowy hair.

    @Rob Murphy: Why must you taunt my Jonas fangirl heart Rob Murphy. *not getting hopes up*

  11. Lucas Jensen

    @menyc: Tranny? Shouldn’t you be on Xbox Live right about now?

    @Chris Molanphy: I think it’s that sample that I like, too! I got a Bolero vibe from it.

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