The Arcade Fire Allow Their Music To Be Licensed In A Super-Literal Way

Dec 4th, 2008 // 2 Comments

Pairing “My Body Is A Cage” with clips from The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, the forthcoming David Fincher-directed film in which Brad Pitt plays a man who ages in reverse, was something of a genius idea, if a little bit overly spoilerish as far as giving away the plot of the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald the flick’s based on. How this will cause the film to fare among the all-important Arcade Fire Diehard Demographic is, of course, up in the air until Christmas Day’s bells toll, but at the very least it should get Brad Pitt some Hype Machine love, which you just know he waas really jonesing for. [YouTube via The Playlist]

  1. brasstax

    Seems like I knew it was based on a Fitzgerald story somewhere in the back of my mind, but the obvious pop culture predecessor in my mind is the way Mork from Ork was born an old man and would die as a baby. That concept blew my 7 year-old mind.

  2. brasstax

    (and one more “mind” for good measure, I guess)

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