Prolonged Exposure To That Magic Eye Cover Makes Animal Collective Fans Go K-R-A-Z-E-E

Dec 5th, 2008 // 2 Comments

People really like Animal Collective! How do I know this? Well, any post that happens to have the words “animal,” “collective,” and “leak” in them does really well for us, Google-wise, even if said post happens to be talking about something wholly unrelated to Merriweather Post Pavilion making its way out to the Internet. (It hasn’t yet! Don’t worry!) But today there’s even stronger evidence that there are bros out there who are are, like, Tokio Hotel fan levels of mental about this band, thanks to a Brooklyn Vegan post that mentioned a password-protected ticket sale for an upcoming Animal Collective show at New York’s Bowery Ballroom. And if you thought that password was going to be given out lickety-split to the commenting masses, well, you must not know any real music snobs.

The comment section, of course, went into instant freak-out mode, with these pleas being posted over a 15-minute span:

so what is the password?

anyone know?

come on passwordddd

what is the fucking password

how come not one single person knows this?
is anyone able to get tix at all?

Of course, this led to some people claiming that they did have the password, and that it was “queef,” or “imastupidfuckingidiotforreadingthis,” or “vampire weekend”; others said they had it but would give it up for a price, a kidney, etc. But my mind was blown by this claim, which—well, I’ll just let you read it, and you can assume the rejoinder:

I heard the password was shown during HD TNA Impact on Spike Tonight, but Time Warner doesn’t carry Spike in HiDef. DAMMIT!!!

Yeah, somebody indeed fell for it. Jeez, people. Put down the drugs.

Animal Collective add Bowery Ballroom show, tour dates [BV]

  1. Anonymous

    it has leaked since.

  2. Maura Johnston

    @bugsbark: no way!

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