On The Docket: DMX, Liberace’s Ex, And An RIAA Muscle-Flex

Dec 5th, 2008 // 3 Comments

Although the O.J. sentencing probably tops today’s legal news (with good reason), there were a few vaguely musical news items on the judicial wire as well.

• DMX missed another court date in Phoenix today, resulting in a bench warrant for his arrest and an increase in his bond from $10,000 to $120,000. DMX was to appear on three unrelated charges regarding theft, identity theft, drug-related crimes, and animal abuse. [Arizona Republic]
• Liberace’s former lover, Scott Thorson (a.k.a. Jess Marlow), is behind bars in California for robbing a Palm Springs area hardware store; he also managed to steal $827.60 worth of groceries. It’s a shame Supermarket Sweep is no longer on the air, because Thorson would have been a natural. [KESQ]
• The RIAA has won another case, this time against a nine-year-old girl (who also has mounting medical bills resulting from pancreatitis) who allegedly shared ten songs. Meanwhile, some kid who might be better prepared to defend himself in the legal system is in his dorm uploading the entire history of popular music to the Pirate Bay. Well played, RIAA. [Tripwire]

  1. DocStrange

    Is it even possible to hate the RIAA more than we already hate them now, what with suing dead grandmothers, little kids downloading TV theme songs and filing cease and desist orders against website hosting purposefully leaked Nine Inch Nails songs? Or bullying independent labels not apart of their organization by threatening to take away gold and platinum awards if they don’t become their goons?

  2. Hyman Decent

    Re: just ten songs

    I’m under the impression that the RIAA doesn’t sue for every song that a defendant has been caught sharing (probably because they would look even more ridiculous if they did so).

  3. walkmasterflex

    still shitty, but the girl in the story is 19, not 9.

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