Counterpoint: The Olds Need To Buy More Albums

Dec 8th, 2008 // 2 Comments

It’s never heartening to check music biz news these days, but Hypebot’s question has to send chills through even the most hearty of constitutions: “Can Tom Jones Save EMI?” Noting that the label owes several billion dollars in loans and has to come up with a lot of cash by spring, the post claims that its hopes are pinned on “a new album from Tom Jones plus a Coldplay release made up of songs that didn’t make it on to the band’s current album Viva La Vida.” Uh oh. Well, the Jones album, 24 Hours, is already out, and how is it doing? Better than previous outings, but still only good enough for a debut at No. 105 on the Billboard chart and No. 32 on the BBC chart. If it’s up to Tom Jones to save EMI, they may be in even more trouble than we thought. [Hypebot / Previously]

  1. bcapirigi

    the tom jones single is really awful. he needs to go back to doing talking heads covers with nina persson.

  2. Anonymous

    Lilly Allen will save them.


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