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Take That’s The Circus sold 432,000 copies in its first week in UK stores, becoming the fastest-selling album this year and notching the third-highest sales total in British history. Yes, really. (It’s behind Oasis’ Be Here Now, which sold 663,000 copies, and Coldplay’s X & Y, which sold 464,000.) Meanwhile, the other album called Circus that came out in the UK last week came in fourth on the charts, behind The Killers’ Day & Age and a reworked version of Leona Lewis’ Spirit. [Billboard]

  1. Eugene Langley

    Just noticed you changed your homepage title. Sad. What the world won’t do for better organic search rankings.

  2. Maura Johnston

    @Eugene Langley: fun fact: I never really cared for the old tagline.

  3. DocStrange

    @Varina: Sometimes they do. But it’s very rare. They’re much more of a singles buying country than an albums buying country, but even then only a small clutch of 82 singles (ranging from beloved classics like “Blue Monday” by New Order to deranged fad insanity like “Teletubbies Say Eh-Oh!”) that have reached 1 million in sales []

  4. moomintroll

    Yay Mark Owen (Oh wait did I type that? Sorry that was my 11 year old self). God how I loved Take That back then.

  5. Anonymous

    Really? Albums don’t even go into the millions in England?? Do they have a different way of charting sales, or what?

  6. moomintroll

    @Varina: Well it’s the first week’s numbers, and a small country.

  7. Eugene Langley

    @Halfwit: Who said anything about selling out? I’d do it to. I just figured if Idolator held out this long, they might hold out forever – but, as Maura has informed us, there wasn’t much love there in the first place so what the hell.

  8. Anonymous

    @Varina: They don’t chart any differently than we do in the US. However, since it’s a smaller market they do hand out sales certification awards for lower numbers than in the US. You only have to sale 300,000 to go Platinum in the UK. You can find a list of certifications on here

  9. Anonymous

    @iainf: @DocStrange: Hmm…the more you know. I hadn’t considered the difference in population. I guess it comes from 6 straight years of reading Q, and their various lists.

  10. Maura Johnston

    @Eugene Langley: did you like that tagline? honestly, it was a denton thing that i wasn’t really into from day one.

  11. Halfwit

    @Maura Johnston: I actually did like it, but I’m not Eugene Langley. I also like(d) the little epigram(?) from the sidebar.

    I need to work on my vocabulary…

  12. Maura Johnston

    @Halfwit: wait, which one?

    haha, see, i think nobody notices these things :\

  13. Eugene Langley

    @Maura Johnston: Yes, I liked the tagline. More than that, though, I just liked that there was a tagline. But I guess that’s the sort of thing that’s more necessary when a site is starting out than now – when the site has established a pretty definite voice.

  14. Halfwit

    @Eugene Langley: also fun fact: you can voice your displeasure without resorting to claims of “selling out”

  15. iainf


    No Strings Attached first week sale 2.4million / 300million US population = 0.8% of population

    (someone correct me if there was a higher seller than that)

    Be Here Now first chart week sale 660k / 60million UK population = 1.1% of population

    And that was in only 3 days! Not that that’s exactly something for the UK to be proud of.

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