• Anonymous

    I agree with your assessment, but I would also add a healthy dash of early Michael Jackson.

  • Lucas Jensen

    @whoneedslight: Yeah, of Montreal before Prince? Uh…of Montreal discovered the funk with this new record, recorded after or during Dear Science. I’d point to something like Dazz maybe.

    Also, the vocals are FINALLY something resembling in tune on this record. That helps.

  • Marth

    I may be nearly alone on this, but I’ll still take “Desperate Youth Blood Thirsty Babes” over either of TVOTR’s last two records. Not that I don’t like the new ones, I just think the band peaked early. That first record was a perfect storm, in my opinion.

  • Lucas Jensen

    @Marth: Hmmm…for me it’s about the singing. And that singing was problematic. Dudes went for it, sure, but man. Problematic.

  • Chris Molanphy

    @Marth: I almost agree with you. I loved DYBTB and was among the few who found RtCM a slight disappointment; it was admirably intense, but the songs (except for the awesome “I Was a Lover” and “Wolf Like Me”) were a bit lacking.

    But I am loving this new record–I think it replicates some of the airiness and grooviness I loved about the first album with some of the density and intensity of the second. It’s not perfect, but it’s probably the best summation of what TVOTR are.

    @Lucas Jensen: I actually kind of loved the “bad” (I prefer unaffected or untutored) vocals on the first album, but you’re right that on the new one they finally sound more professional–except they’re making that work for them.

  • T’Challa

    @Molly: I’d respectfully disagree with your “Of Montreal/Georgie/Prince” claim. To these ears, it sounds more like Bowie’s ‘Plastic Soul’ period (think “Golden Years”) stewed with some mid-’90s Nine Inch Nails a la “Closer.”

    And as much as I loooove the new album, it’s so sparse and minimalist, I was able to eat the whole thing rather quickly, like a perfect sushi roll. Unlike RtCM, which was like trying to down an entire family-size Thanksgiving dinner by myself. Both are enjoyable experiences, just different…

  • T’Challa

    …And I also LOVE the fact that TVOTR has already grown into a catalog band–keep it coming, fellas!!

  • AL

    @Chris Molanphy: I cosign on all of this.

  • Lucas Jensen

    @Chris Molanphy: Yeah, it just wasn’t my thing, and I like some out of tune vocals (e.g. Jeff Mangum, John Darnielle). Being in tune doesn’t have to mean professional as in slick or boring. Nothing wrong with a little professionalism now and again.

  • Anonymous

    This song should be way higher than 76.

  • Anonymous

    What is it about Golden Age that everybody likes? I think that is by far one of the worst songs on the album. The siniging is absolutely horrendous. It is like he is tone deaf. And where is the hook? We just get an adult singing like he is going through puberty and there is no payoff in terms of a big chorus. It is like I’m listening to a different song than the rest of the world. I just don’t get it. Golden Age blows.