The Latest Victim Of The Recession: Motorhead

Dec 9th, 2008 // 4 Comments

The Samsung Mobile Musink Tour—which was slated to have Motorhead and Social Distortion as headliners, and was going to bring together mobile-phone product placement and tattoos in ways never before seen—has been canceled because of the “current economic climate.” Shouldn’t Lemmy get a bailout just on general principle, America? [Billboard]

  1. Chris N.

    One of the greatest pieces of rock writing I ever saw was in a mid-’80s CREEM Motorhead review. It was a standard review, 200 words or so, but ended this way: “By the way, Motorhead sounds like this: NGNGNGNGNGNGNGNGNGNGNGNGNGNGNGNGNGNG.”

  2. Lucas Jensen

    @Chris N.: Hahaha. Awesome.

  3. revmatty

    Yes, he should.

  4. Mick Kraut

    Wasnt the old Lemmy quote that Motorhead is the band that were it to move into the house next to yours, your lawn would die?

    Seems they are having the same effect on corporate “synergies” as well…

    “Along with live music, the traveling festival was planning to host a number of other tattoo artists from around the world, showcase various extreme sports demonstrations and have Samsung staffers on-hand to demonstrate new Samsung mobile phones.”

    Sounds like a Best Buy with live performances…

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