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A few months ago, we heard rumors that the FBI was investigating Wikipedia because of a 32-year-old Scorpions album cover that features a naked prepubescent girl; while those haven’t been confirmed (yet), that cover apparently resulted in the user-generated knowledge morass being banned by the UK’s Internet Watch Foundation, which helps ISPs determine which sites do and don’t have illegal content, earlier this week. The IWF has since reversed its decision in part because its ban was actually resulting in the image being disseminated more widely, which, um, is something that anyone who has ever been a teenager could have probably told them in the first place. (Said image, by the way, has since been removed from Amazon, who presumably didn’t want to have their plug pulled in time for a dismal holiday-shopping season.) [IHT]

  1. DocStrange

    I’m actually a frequent (and legitimate) editor of Wikipedia (guess what name I use. Really. You have one guess) and i’m kind of half way on this thing. The controversial cover was never released in the United States and probably not in the UK, either. It was replaced with the album cover above, the one with the band standing around a blank background, which was the most circulated one. The controversial one also does not appear on any CD copy (because that medium became popular right around the time the Scorpions became big with “Rock You Like A Hurricane” and someone probably thought that the image would most likely completely sink the band’s career)

    You can imagine what fun we’ve gone through. The page for the album has jumped into the top 10 most vandalized on the site (along with several gay porn and Norwegian black metal articles) and the talk page discussion is now about six miles long and mostly filled with all caps messages by IP addresses.

  2. Captain Wrong

    Seriously though, what the fuck was up with that cover anyway? Was everyone really that coked up in the 70s to see that and think “looks great, let’s print it!”

  3. Anonymous

    Blind Faith had a similar cover of their 1969 album. Why was that not banned as well?

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