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In case you want a primer on the latest Musician Vs. Critic squabble—this time, it’s the Clipse, taking umbrage with Tom Breihan’s 7.6 writeup of the duo’s new mixtape Road To Till The Casket Drops—here’s one that sums up the whole kerfuffle better than I could. Although I have a question: Has any artist who’s received a ‘Fork review with a rating higher than 7.6 issued a public statement repudiating said write-up? (And yeah, they seem to be peeved about specific aspects of Breihan’s review, but titling their blog post “7.6???????!!!!!!!” would insinuate that unhappiness over being exiled from Best New Music-land is part of the reason they’re peeved.) [Nervous Acid]


  1. Prefixmag

    I’m pretty sure Vast Aire didn’t like the review Pfork gave him and he blogged about it. The gave his album an 8 too.

  2. Al Shipley

    There’s really nothing more repulsive than critical darlings that lash out like a churlish child when they don’t get an A+ on their report card every single time. Tom was way too kind to their boring mixtape, and way too gracious about their nitpicky grandstanding response.

  3. Rock You Like An Iracane

    @Al Shipley: So, wait, music is supposed to be given a numerical value and rated and so on and so forth? I really liked the mixtape (smart, powdered flows + great pop-rap instrumental choices = good, listenable hip-hop) and both agree that the review wasn’t a good one and that the Clipse’s retort was a well-thought breakdown of Breihan’s criticisms.

    But, well, Breihan calls parts of the tape “breathless beauty” and says he’s “quibbling,” then assigns it a 7.6. There’s some inconsistency there, to say the least.

    And @maura, too: certainly, they are displeased to see a return to the mixtape circuit with what they think is superior material given the equivalent of a C, but I think the Clipse are as miffed about the style of the review as the score. The title’s just an attention-grabber, a way to make them more relevant on a lazy December Friday.

    That’s worked fairly well, no?

  4. Anonymous

    Am i the only one that even likes their clothing line logo? Yes? Hmph.

  5. Reidicus

    I’m pretty sure any sub-30s didn’t get the tag on this entry (“Clara Peller Dept.”) but I loved it. Where’s the beef, indeed?

  6. Rock You Like An Iracane

    @Reidicus: I Wiki’d it. I enjoyed it once I got it.

  7. Maura Johnston

    @Reidicus: jess’ legacy lives on.

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