• Anonymous

    Attributing this posting to “Anono-critic” makes my dick limp.

  • Chris Molanphy

    Props to the Anono-critic for the counterintuition of this post. I’m a little “off” Crow because of an association with an old girlfriend, but I agree she’s capable of at least one ace cut per album.

  • Maura Johnston

    @HarveyWallbanger: system glitches! but it’s the man you all know and love.

  • tigerpop

    “My Favorite Mistake” gets me every time.

  • D Day

    Charlie Watts once punched out Mick Jagger for referring to him as “my drummer”. After punching Mick in the face, Charlie supposedly said “I’m not your drummer, you’re MY singer.”

    So be careful.

  • Anonymous

    Sheryl Crow can shove it. RIP Kevin Gilbert.

  • Lucas Jensen

    Why all of this dick discussion?

  • Chris N.

    Just something about her.

  • Shippy

    “My Favorite Mistake” just came on in the cafe where I’m sitting. That guitar tone and that snare tone gets my dick hard every time.

  • Anonymous

    Is no one disturbed that Ms. Crow sets herself up as a messianic figure in this song?

    And I say “my drummer” too, but it’s totally affectionate and he can call me “my keyboardist” if he wants. It’s like “my brother.”