Ladyhawke And Lily Allen Join Britney Spears’ Womanizer-Decrying Chorus

Dec 15th, 2008 // 7 Comments

The other night as I was leaving Z100′s Jingle Ball, Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” was blaring over the loudspeakers, and I swear to God, at least 75% of the ladies streaming out Madison Square Garden’s doors were singing along with Spears’ semi-robotic “womanizerwomanizerwomawomanizer”-ing. Apparently Lily Allen isn’t immune to the song’s charms, either; she worked up a shaggy-haired cover of the track that Mark Ronson premiered on his online radio show Authentic Shit this past Friday. (Also on the playlist: His own contribution to that Maroon 5 remix album. So modest!) Meanwhile, the ’80s baby Ladyhawke put her own spin on the song on Radio 1′s Live Lounge; I personally prefer Allen’s version, if only because it seems to be a little more kiss-offy, and a little less self-serious. But you can judge for yourself with the embeds after the jump!

Lily Allen:


Ladyhawke – Womanizer [YouTube]
Lily Allen – Womanizer (New song) [Dailymotion]

  1. Anonymous

    I love the Lily Allen cover!

    also love this quote: “Madonna is the most overrated artist of all time. [Britney] is a goddess and her new album is amazing.” allegedly said by Lily to the BBC.

  2. Thierry

    Lily FTW!

  3. bess marvin, girl detective

    @chachwitablog: that would be cool if it were true. madonna’s been around for ages (with good songs to boot) and as far as we know, britney was no lock to make it to 2009. they’re both lovely.

  4. the rich girls are weeping

    I would like Lily Allen’s if it was more Wiemar cabaret-ish. It started out so well.

    Ladyhawke’s version sounds vaguely desperate and obsesso, but in like, a Michelle Branch kind of way. She could have been wayyyy more unhinged.

  5. Defenestrated

    Pizza Driver, Pizza Driver…

  6. Anonymous

    @bess marvin, girl detective: well, I don’t think madonna is the most overrated artist of all time, but I do think her last album was mostly junk. they are both quite lovely, however. I just love lily for her brazen shit-talk and for her reverence of “the legendary miss britney spears.”

  7. bburl

    I think there should be a new category of music: skank pop.

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