1. silkyjumbo

    i want to argue this selection, but truth be told, t-pain’s musical ear is pretty strong. it’s what wins me over.

    i think this song is a better example of his harmonies. also, you gotta love how he drags glitch-pop out of the mothballs of the late 90′s and onto the charts.

  2. silkyjumbo

    boo, me. try this:

  3. Lucas Jensen

    While I like T-Pain, I’m not sure that Autotune will sound better than the Wall of Sound in five years. That’s a pretty bold statement. I like that you made it, but, uh, I’ll still take “Spanish Harlem” any day.

  4. Anonymous

    The “Karaoke” video is maybe my favorite of the year, maybe just for Khaled yelling at old people.

  5. Mike P.

    …you will be on the wrong side of history later.

    Don’t knock it ’till you try it! :)

  6. Anthony Miccio

    Wait, Phil Collins is likable?

  7. Rock You Like An Iracane

    @Maciej: You want Khaled doing dumb things?

    Try him acting out “Out Here Grindin’”:

  8. Anonymous

    @Lucas Jensen:


    i really won’t mind if i’m on the wrong side of history. autotune really doesn’t seem to be as groundbreaking as spector’s wall-of-sound. sure, it has pop music in a stranglehold just the same, but i think we’ll look back on this period and laugh, not long for an autotune revival. it’s a novelty.

    anono-critic = idolator’s autotune?

  9. Anono-Critic

    “anono-critic = idolator’s autotune?”

    fuckin’ A right, my good man!

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