No. 51: Justin Moore’s “Back That Thing Up” Video

In the words of one YouTube commenter, “He’s kinda talkin about both her booty and a truck.” Well, yeah—that’d be clear from the chorus that goes, “Throw it in reverse, let daddy load it up,” not to mention the opening line about how some newly countrified city gal is still “scared of that cock-a-doodle-doo.” Arkansas-born Justin Moore’s first (and maybe last) country hit single went to No. 38, and it’s clearly country’s answer to “Pull Up to the Bumper.” “Back That Thing Up” has a pretty decent hick-hop beat, too—as 2008 surrogate Big & Rich goes, it didn’t quite match “Holler Back” by the Lost Trailers, but it beat “Ain’t Gonna Stop” by James Otto, easy.

Thing is, the song would still be fairly forgettable if not for its insanely entertaining video, which packed in visual double-entendres like this was MTV in the ’80s. (Best one: a photogenic young lady literally backing up her ass, as in donkey—Juvenile totally wishes he thought of that.) Plus, if other YouTube commentators are to be believed, the clip comes with a relevant message attached: “Point of this video. We farm boys, love a girl who can drive a standard transmission truck. I kid you not, I love it when I meet a girl who can drive stick.” And several female fans agree that Justin is “freakin HOT,” to boot.

“Back That Thing Up” [YouTube]
Justin Moore [MySpace]
80 ’08 (and Heartbreak)

  • Cos

    What’s with all the close-ups of the drummer with the mohawk in the Clash t-shirt?

    Is punk finally crossing over to country, or is this just more evidence of the Hot Topic-ing of America?

  • MayhemintheHood

    Man, this just sounds horrible. The lyrics are pretty funny, as well as the video, but his band sucks and the vocals on the verses are grating to me(which is weird, because they seem pretty bare-bones, just his voice with no effects).