No. 45: Pete Wentz Tries To Save The Music Video With “FNMTV”

Idolator spent a good chunk of time this summer discussing Pete Wentz’s Friday-night music video hour FNMTV, because his attempt to bring the video back to MTV seemed like a pretty big deal at the time. A few premieres, a live performance, and a hat tip to a classic video—sounds like good television for the pop fan, or at least the sort of person who’s vaguely interested in having newish songs on in the background while getting ready to start her weekend.

The selection of videos each week was usually diverse: crowd-pleasers like the Jonas Brothers reeled in the kids, but acts like Chromeo and No Age got prime-time exposure as well. Of course, there were disappointments: for a show about music there was far, far too much filler (Did I need Tim Kash reminding me between each segment that I could upload my dance video directly to Or a package on the rise of Flo Rida?), and the “vintage video” segment was way, way brief. Still, with TRL sent to retirement and the FNMTV brand seemingly here to stay (tune in at 5 a.m. every day for MTV’s favorite seven videos this week!), things could definitely be a lot worse.

80 ’08 (and Heartbreak)
[Pic via MTV]

  • BigRicks

    His claims last night that he was stoned before/during each taping make it that much better.

  • Maura Johnston

    @BigRicks: you were there too?

  • BigRicks

    Yeah, posted a little bit about it on my wordpress. []

  • BigRicks

    I thought the BX on his face was an interesting touch. I wish they played more off the new album, but enjoyed the show nonetheless.

  • Anonymous

    @BigRicks: I wish they’d played more off of the new album, too! I suppose they haven’t rehearsed more than Suitehearts and Cooperstown and I Don’t Care, but it was a freaking record release show!!

    Before the curtain opened, and only the mics stands were on stage, I thought maybe they’d come out and do the intro from the album and then launch into “Disloyal Order…” and open the curtain from there. Also- wasn’t expecting moshing, but I did enjoy the show overall. I’m so glad that Patrick is starting to talk on stage again.

  • BigRicks

    @Varina: I agree with the Patrick talking sentiment, Pete Wentz gets far too much credit for being “charismatic.”

    Every other record release show I’ve been to has been, for the most part, exclusively cuts from the new album. I was hoping they would play “What a Catch, Donnie” because I was interested in seeing how they ended the song with the various “na, na, na’s” and the past lyrics. A guest appearance by Lil Wayne on “Tiffany Blews” was a little too much to ask I suppose.

  • Anonymous

    @BigRicks: Patrick is just as wry, I think, and if anything, more charming. I enjoyed his little imitation of The Count (I know- enough swooning).

    If and when “What a Catch” goes into the live show, I’m expecting it to sound like the demo track that came as an extra on the Best Buy version of the cd. It’s just Patrick, and he doesn’t do a lot of the “na nas,” and the self-referential coda gets scrapped.

    Again, regarding last night- I wish they had done SOMETHING special, even if it was just having their friends come out for a few songs. Suarez from Cobra Starship was there, Sisky from TAI was there…maybe Bill Beckett as well? The new songs do sound very good, though.

  • T’Challa

    FNMTV was a most admirable attempt at getting music videos (and decent music in general) back on MTV. I was able to attend the taping with No Age, and it was equally surreal/awesome to see them in the middle of this corporate wank-fest. And even if the ‘Vintage Video’ segment was admittedly too brief, 12 seconds of Husker Du is better than none at all!

    I mean, it’s still an MTV show (hence the Flo Rida, etc), but there were great moments.

    Indie biases aside, the coolest segment on that show ever was Lil’ Wayne’s walk-off at the end of “A Mili”: