Dec 17th, 2008 // 4 Comments

Rick Rubin may soon be removed from his post as guru of the future at Sony Music, after an expensive tenure in which he waxed poetic about the potential of subscription models despite consumers’ chronic allergy toward them, produced a high-profile album for another label, and moved the company’s headquarters to the ergonomically pleasing, and more expensive, CAA headquarters in Beverly Hills. Note that this item does come from the often factually challenged Roger Friedman, so the real story may just be that he’s moving down the hall. But then again, did anyone really think that nouveau street teams and feng shui would have any effect on people not buying records anymore? [Roger Friedman]

  1. Captain Wrong

    I was thinking about this the other day and wondering what, other than produce Death Magnetic for WEA, has he done since that big article proclaiming him as the saviour of Columbia? Doesn’t look like a whole lot.

  2. Maura Johnston

    @Captain Wrong: the neil diamond record?

  3. Anonymous

    There’s a banner ad for the new Saliva album next to this picture of Rubin – I think if Rick shaved his beard down he’d look a lot like the singer.

  4. revmatty

    I read all the hype when Rubin took over. I thought his ‘the record labels are in a perfect position to drive the future of music consumption’ was either grade A bullshit with tongue firmly in cheek, or he had done way too much drugs before the interview. Possibly both. Either way I figured his efforts would cost a lot of money for zero return and he’d be axed.

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