Headache-Inducing Album Covers To Be All The Rage In 2009

Dec 18th, 2008 // 8 Comments

Oh, my stars. First Animal Collective, now the Black Lips are engaging in the whole eye-popping magic-eye thing for the cover of their imminently dropping album. I guess in the post-physical-medium world, trying to fashion your album’s cover art from something that doesn’t induce vomiting on sight is passé?

Anyway, here’s a somewhat spoilery note: you can find the foot* much easier if you look at the thumbnail version of the picture:

Exclusive Peek: The Black Lips Challenge Your Eyeballs [Blender]

* Well, the face.

  1. Maura Johnston

    i need about six advil after writing that post. uggggh.

  2. the rich girls are weeping


  3. Lucas Jensen

    And also just a stupid album title.

  4. PhishsBrevity

    At least it’s not a Magic Eye.

  5. moomintroll

    I sort of like this one, at least the colors aren’t inspired by an 80′s windbreaker like Animal Collective’s.
    It’s also slightly less of an annoying optical illusion.

  6. Anonymous

    yeah it’s better than the ugly animal collective cover. probably better music too. i’m sure i’ll be hearing my bass player nick riffs off of this all next year…snoooze…

  7. narymary

    Was this made by a bunch of H&M employees as a possible t-shirt design and then abandoned for a Black Lips alum cover?

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