Dec 18th, 2008 // 9 Comments

Do you consider yourself an Internet aesthete? Do you find yourself refreshing your dashboard on the well-designed blog site Tumblr more than, well, anything else these days? Here, let me make things a smidge easier for you: if you’d like to follow Idolator via that site’s very elegantly designed blog interface, we’ve set up a tin-can-and-string connection between Tumblr and our RSS feed. Just go here and click “follow” while you’re logged in, and you can be notified of new posts whenever we put them up. [Tumblr]


  1. RaptorAvatar

    HaHa, less ad clicks from me!

  2. yvynyl

    That’s cool n’ all, but just importing yr RSS? I already subscribe to yr feed in my reader… I’d love to see fresher, off the cuff kind of complimentary content… ?

  3. Maura Johnston

    @yvynyl: Um, seriously? I don’t write enough? How about you try doing this for a while and see how “off the cuff” and “fresh” you can be.

    I have this if you want the non-music stuff: []

  4. Maura Johnston

    (ps talk about internet-engendered entitlement. ahem.)

  5. yvynyl

    @Maura – LOL, sorry. I know it’s just another platform to syndicate on. But it’s akin to saying you have a Twitter acc’t but only really feeding your RSS into it. Lazy webs.

    Dang, for that matter – you can brand my shit ‘Idolator’ and I’ll blog on Tumblr for yuns.

  6. yvynyl

    I mean ‘lazy webs’ generally about the trend, not YOU. Cross-platform RSS importing, as an over-all trend of Web 2.0. Not diggin’ it.

  7. Maura Johnston

    @yvynyl: Uh, thanks but no thanks. I edit. I set this up as a way for people who don’t use RSS readers to keep up on the content.

    Seriously, your comment is like, “Oh no! Something on the Internet isn’t exactly for me! I NEED TO COMPLAIN!” “Lazy webs”? I’d say “fuck you,” but I’m trying to stay dignified.

  8. yvynyl

    Point taken.

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