Dec 19th, 2008 // 3 Comments

How did that Maroon 5 remix album, with the Rapture-biting cover and the cameos by the likes of Deerhoof and Of Montreal and Just Blaze, come to be? A possible explanation awaits. [Sound Of The City]

  1. baconfat

    Nobody goes to Pitchfork because Chicago is the Paris of the Rust Belt. Fuck no! They go to hear W.C. perform all of Ghetto Heisman in a field because it’s real and it’s happening. And it doesn’t even matter how it sounds because you were there and that’s what you’ll remember.

    True dat.

    How is it that they couldn’t get a Kanye remix for this album? Doesn’t he owe Adam Levine for “Heard ‘Em Say”?

  2. Al Shipley

    I usually dig Chris Ryan’s shit but that was kind of unfunny and pointless, although I liked the gratuitous Steely Dan references. Call And Response is a pretty enjoyable CD.

  3. G3K

    I actually love this record. Some of the remixes are boilerplate late-90s but the Cut Copy and Paul Oakenfold mixes are shamelessly fun 100% gold.

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