The Snow Is Making Me Want To Listen To Pulp

Productivity is slowing to a crawl. The branches outside my window look like they have been coated in melted marshmallows. I’ve listened to This Is Hardcore about six times straight through in the past 18 hours. These three events are probably not directly related to one another, but c’mon, something has to entertain my mind as I skim the news of a Barenaked Ladies boxed set and field IMs from friends who are all, “OK, going home, later!” [YouTube]

  • sXenester

    I still vote on a daily/weekly item for RSS/google results on Jarvis.

    I need to find This Is Hardcore and Different Class on vinyl, would be so nice with the way it’s snowing.

  • Anonymous

    @sXenester: I second anything that provides for more Jarvis around here.

    Good luck trying to find those vinyl copies: I check eBay semi-regularly for This Is Hardcore, and it usually sells for about $100. I was lucky enough to snag a reissue of Different Class a few years back, but it appears that even those are few and far between these days.

    My friend and I were talking about all the recent vinyl reissues–The Bends and Urban Hymns come to mind–and how Island needs to jump on this bandwagon and give us new pressings of His ‘N’ Hers, Different Class and This Is Hardcore.

  • bcapirigi

    anybody have any bootlegs of I Believe in Father Christmas? I mean, I’ve been looking for it since i tape traded on the Lipgloss list in ’97, so I’m guessing the answer is no, but still I thought it was worth a shot.

    Unrelatedly, my entire office just left me alone even though I’m the damn temp. The wimpy asses.

  • dyfl

    WOW, the video for that song is spectacular — I’d never seen it before. Thanks!

  • SteveLepore

    Are you somehow suggesting that a Barenaked Ladies boxed set ISN’T exciting?

  • moomintroll

    hmm. I’m stuck at work in Chicago (all alone because some people think they can have snow days even though they live in Chicago). I’m dreading my commute home (on the CTA/ walking with the world’s most ineffectual snow boots).
    I never thought about the healing powers of Pulp to see me through until 6pm.

  • Poubelle

    @PlunderingDesire: Thirding daily Jarv updates.

    I have been listening to His ‘N’ Hers all day for similar reasons, and being very glad my semester ended before this snowstorm and suddenly less unhappy I failed to find a job over my break.

    @moomintroll: Good luck on that commute. You’d think, eventually, the CTA would learn how not to have snow delays. It’s not like the weather doesn’t get like this every single year or anything.

  • Dick Laurent is dead.

    I’m thirding or fourthing at this point, but I agree that there’s nothing a little Jarvis can’t fix.

  • Mike P.

    Does this mean I’m not the only person who signed up for daily Google news alerts re: Jarvis?

  • ObtuseIntolerant

    @Dick Laurent is dead.: I’ll fifth that.

  • michaelpop

    Hah, just yesterday I did a little online Christmas shopping for myself and finally decided to plunk down some $$$ (about $20 each which seems like a bargain) for those deluxe editions of His n’ Hers, Different Class and This Is Hardcore. After a couple of years of pining, I’m glad I pulled the trigger. Can’t wait to hear all those bonus songs that are going to be new to me. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  • moomintroll

    @Poubelle: Thanks! Yeah the CTA is only getting worse. It’s actually not that much worse due to the snow, it’s just bad for no reason. Meh, nothing a little Jarvis can’t handle.

  • CloudCarrier

    @sXenester: I think a 180 gram 2LP of This Is Hardcore should be hitting the shops in January via Plain Recordings (as per the various pre-orders I keep finding online). Wheee!

  • Anonymous

    @Mike P.: Oh my. I just took your advise and came up with this beauty:Cocker helps fight against knife crime.
    So that’s what he’s up to.