Sybris Have A Plan

Dec 22nd, 2008 // 3 Comments

So I’m late to this party, apparently (the album came out all the way back when people in the States were complaining about the heat, not the cold), but Sybris’ “Oh Man!”—which I heard for the first time on this weekend’s installment of the late-night music show Fearless Music—may be making a run for my big old Year-End Mix CD a mere nine days before I actually have to commit to a tracklist for the damn thing. The Chicago quartet plays the kind of propulsive indie that ruled college radio back in the ’90s—steady beats that sync up with signposts on long drives really well, frantic strumming—while Angela Mullenhour’s yawp is something to behold. Plus the video, about a jewel heist gone wrong in an otherworldly way, is playful in the sort of way that makes me feel like these guys would be lots of fun live. [YouTube / MySpace]

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks Maura. I love this. Also, in the spirit of Christmas/Hanukkah I want to thank you guys and the other commenters who in just the past week have turned me on to Air France, Thieves like us, Ida Maria and others. It’s a shame music like this rarely finds its way to the radio. It’s a good thing those of us out of the know have you.

  2. Maura Johnston

    @Ludmilla: ah, you’re welcome! i am going to have a big ol reader lovefest poll before year’s end, for sure.

    this song goes PERFECTLY with ida maria’s ‘oh my god’ on mixes, btw.

  3. Lucas Jensen

    @Maura Johnston: I think I told you about Sybris at SXSW!

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