Glastonbury Festival Latest Event To Realize That Pandering To The Olds Is The Best Business Strategy Out There

Dec 22nd, 2008 // 3 Comments

Apparently reeling from lousy ticket sales for last year’s Glastonbury Festival—which had Jay-Z and Kings Of Leon as headliners—the organizers of the muddy British weekend have reportedly snagged Blur, Neil Young, and Bruce Springsteen for the top of the 2009 fest’s lineup. You have to wonder if the people in charge of booking the festival wanted to get Blur & Oasis to share a bill, if not a steel cage, for a big blowout battle of the bands that would set the nostalgia phasers of most of the Brits in the crowd to total effing freakout, but then had to “settle” for Neil and Bruce instead. [The Sun]


  1. Anonymous

    You know, one has to wonder when the bottom will drop out and targeting boomers will be over. Not that this is the best example of my theory but if you take a look at New York City rock radio, it’s really targeted to 40+ (except for when they throw us youngsters a bone and play a few of those “current” bands).

  2. T'Challa

    Oasis and Blur both at Glastonbury would have been epic–they should still try to make it happen.

    And as long as there’s nostalgia, the 10-15+ year revivals will always be lucrative.

    At this point, the return of the Strokes will feel like a long-awaited reunion. Or maybe that’s part of their insidious plan…

  3. moomintroll

    @2ironic4u: I so agree with you. We were listening to one of the local radio stations at work last week and they were counting down the top 101 songs they played in 1995. (It was Chicago’s Q101, “alternative”). I didn’t even realize that’s what they were doing because it just sounded the same as any other day on there! Will there ever be a time when “alternative” radio doesn’t play mid-nineties Smashing Pumpkins or Pearl Jam?
    I listen to BBC Radio from the UK on my computer lot and it had many faults, but for the most part at least they play new songs!

    Not that this has anything to do with the Blur reunion, because that is just rad.

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