No. 28: CMT’s “Can You Duet”

2008 wasn’t quite the boom year for televised music talent shows that 2007 was, though I doubt anyone was particularly upset by not having Grease: You’re The One That I Want in their lives again. One of the few music-related TV offerings out there, CMT’s Can You Duet, proved to be really charming; even more surprisingly, it actually centered on music.

While nearly every other show shoehorned its contestants into song choices ranging from befuddling to outrageous, Can You Duet went through its short run without a single theme week, mostly allowing the contestants to choose their own music, including songs they wrote themselves. While half the series consisted of the judges trying to find pairings that worked, my favorite act was the adorable husband and wife act Joey + Rory, who, for obvious reasons, started out the show together. Joey + Rory ended up in third place, but bounced back with a record deal with Vanguard, Billboard country chart action for “Cheater, Cheater” (the clip of them performing it on the show is above), and a series of ads for Whether these acts will prove themselves viable in the country market remains to be seen, but at very least, CMT proved they could put on a talent show that wasn’t embarrassing to the contestants, the viewers, or music in general.

Joey + Rory, “Cheater, Cheater” on Can You Duet [YouTube]
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  • Anonymous

    I really enjoyed this show. The judges made sense almost all of the time, and commented on everything from whether the duos were showing enough variety in their song choices to how they moved on stage. The song choices were contemporary, and the songs that they chose for the top 2 actually seemed like songs that you could see each duo actually wanting to put out on a record. I also liked Joey & Rory, but Caitlin and Will were also really good, and I actually liked the Capola (spelling?) twins a lot more than the judges did.

  • Chris N.

    Did you catch any of ‘Nashville Star’ this year, Dan? Just thinking back on it sends a chill wind whipping through the very center of my being.

  • Dan Gibson

    @Chris N.: I only made it through two episodes. I started fashioning a noose midway through a Jewel discourse on “real” country music, so I thought that probably was a sign to walk away.