No. 29: Fred Schneider On “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart”

Dec 23rd, 2008 // 4 Comments

Portishead, GNR, MBV, yadda yadda—the comeback no one much talks about from this year was actually one of the better ones: The B-52′s Funplex, which adapted the group’s classic sound to modern ends with very little strain. My favorite track, “Eyes Wide Open,” even resembled high-end DFA, no small thing. But the album’s relatively quiet aftermath might be due to Fred Schneider completely upstaging it with a short appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Scott McClellan, a former White House aide, wrote a tell-all about his time in the Bush administration; unfortunately, he also read the audiobook in a flat, affectless monotone. So Jon Stewart took it upon himself to “zazz it up” by bringing Schneider out to sing portions of it to the tune of “Love Shack.” It was a match made in heaven, or at least close enough for me to IM everyone I knew the next day the following message: “SCOOOOO! TERRRR! LIBBYYYYYYYYY!”

McClellan’s Audio Book [The Daily Show]
80 ’08 (and heartbreak)


  1. Chris B.

    Great call Matos! I was just thinking the other day that The B-52s was actually my favorite comeback of the year and Funplex was pretty underrated overall.

  2. Signal to Noise

    Fred Schneider should be recruited to narrate all the good nature shows.

  3. Chris Molanphy

    I love Fred, but I did once laugh at a standup comedian pointing out that he has the easiest job in rock history.

    Then again, this Daily Show bit did reveal his schtick to be a somewhat subtler art than I thought.

  4. Tenno

    I thought the new album was phenomenoal, and that sketch right there was great.

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