Beyoncé Blows Up The Spot

Dec 23rd, 2008 // 13 Comments

Beyoncé’s new clip for “Diva,” her attempt at creating an “A Milli” for all the ladies in the house, starts with the tried-and-true “dictionary definition of a key word” intro and gets sorta more ridiculous from there, with doomed mannequins, more three-person dance routines, a posse of relaxing Oscars, and a pair of sunglasses that can only be described as her attempt to one-up Kanye West at his own window-treatment-inspired sunglasses game. (OK so it’s mostly those glasses—and the, um, explosive ending—that are ridiculous, but still.) Will it inspire a legion of YouTubers to take over warehouses and practice the flicking of their cigars? Only time will tell, but while you’re waiting, peep the tame by any standards, but especially in a relative sense clip for the other A-side, “Halo,” after the jump.

Beyonce – Diva [YouTube]
Beyonce – Halo [YouTube]


  1. NeverEnough

    I have a ridiculous amount of love for this song.

  2. silkyjumbo

    Diva – when swagger-jacking goes wrong.

  3. Tauwan

    So, are they like, “doing it” at the end of that Halo video? Inquiring minds want to know…

  4. Maura Johnston

    @Tauwan: angels never tell.

  5. bess marvin, girl detective

    i think beyonce is immensely talented but i just don’t believe her when she tries to act hard. why is it that i would love the video so much more if it was coming from rihanna?

    and is the new trend to release two videos simultaneously every time?

  6. bess marvin, girl detective

    @bess marvin, girl detective: answering my own question, she’ll continue to release two videos. one as a softer beyonce and one as a hard-edged sasha fierce. *sigh*

  7. Tauwan

    @bess marvin, girl detective:

    Yeah, okay I see you. I agree, a dance sequence or two in this vid could be thrown in the “trying too hard” box, but I don’t know if I could “fuck with” these songs if they were sung by Rihanna. The attitude and vocal inflections present in Diva could not be pulled off by Rihanna. Not hating on Rihanna or anything, just saying.

  8. Anonymous


    Also, you don’t need to jack other artists’ styles and sounds…Lil Wayne’s balls called, they want you to stop sweating them.

  9. bess marvin, girl detective

    @Tauwan: yeah i hear you. but riri could bring the rough caribbean attitude to it that a upper middle class girl from Houston simply cannot. i don’t believe her, she needs more people.

    @chachwitablog: agree. she’s just as insecure as her man. someone should tell her that the opposite of love is indifference. it’s obvious that riri is getting to her.

    and yes, i do think it’s directed to riri in some way, shape or form. i’ll put good girl gone bad against B’Day and Dangerously in Love any day. that being said, i do like both songs. and supposedly “halo” was meant for leona davis. i thought beyonce was such a great song writer. why is it every song she released is written by someone else?

  10. Tauwan

    @bess marvin, girl detective:

    “why is it every song she released is written by someone else?”

    Cause Matthew Knowles is a savvy businessman who makes sure that his little girl B gets a songwriting credit on damn near every track that comes her way regardless of whether or not she actually wrote it. And they could get away with it because she’ll come back with a hit single (or two, or three) for the record label. I mean we all know Ne-Yo, Stargate and company wrote Irreplaceable, but it sells and works better with the Beyonce stamp on it, for example.

  11. bess marvin, girl detective

    @Tauwan: i realize that but didn’t she win a “Songwriter Of the Year” award by the Academy of Songwriters? if she’s not really contributing to these songs and the industry knows about such practices, why award it to her?

  12. Tauwan

    @bess marvin, girl detective:

    She aids in the songwriting process for some of her tracks. I am just not sure that she’s written one track completely on her own. I’ll get back to you after I review the liner notes of her three albums.

  13. bess marvin, girl detective

    @Tauwan: i can say without looking at it but having skimmed it in the past that she has NEVER written a song by herself.

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