Heartbreak No. 5: Be Your Own Pet Breaks Up

Be Your Own Pet seemed to be following a great little trajectory for themselves: release an energetic and appealing debut album on Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace! label, build up goodwill, then leak a jaw-dropping song from your sophomore release and wait for it to hit big. But when the album came out, it was short three songs, and worse, two of them were the best on the album. Ecstatic Peace!’s distributor, Universal, which also releases albums by 50 Cent, claimed the lyrics were too violent, and it seemed like an act of sabotage. Though the song made it to release via XL’s Get Damaged EP, it didn’t help matters much, and the band broke up.

“Becky” is absolutely the song of the year for me, a catchy and raucous tale of teenage murder and betrayal that obliterated the sincerity and melodrama that, for better or for worse, dominated the year’s music. It was not the year, I guess, for something so spunky, and while I hope it one day will be, Be Your Own Pet are one of the year’s most regrettable casualties.

80 ’08 (and heartbreak)

  • coolfer

    the band was never, ever going to “hit big.” not on a label like that, not with songs like that. (i love the band, but paramore they ain’t.) the snafu with the track listing didn’t matter much. on the contrary, it got them even more attention that would have normally come from an album release. but i agree, it’s sad they broke up.

  • How do I say this … THROWDINI!

    I never got around to getting the new stuff, but I love “October, First Account” on their previous (first?) cd something fierce.

  • Lucas Jensen

    This made me happier than anything this year.

  • DocStrange

    Get Awkward wasn’t their first album, it was their second.

    Also, here’s some other heartbreaking breakups this year:
    The Long Blondes, Monkey Swallows the Universe, The Format, Forward Russia!, Mumm-Ra and Moros Eros

  • DocStrange

    @DocStrange: oh, you meant debut on that label. Still that wording was weird.

    (apparently mine seems to be, too)

  • Anonymous

    Actually, the “other” Be Your Own Pet release was more than satisfying.
    The vinyl-only 12″ EP “Not Rocket Science” (Infinity Cat) has my all-time fave BYOP song: “Damn Damn Leash”.
    Co-produced by Angelo and Jacquire King (producers of the new Kings Of Leon album), this collection is more raw, more frenetic, more immediate.
    Plus, I got a swirly-colored ltd. edition copy at infinitycatstore.com and the cover is crazy too.
    Happy New Year!

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