No. 8: The Ron Clark Academy, “You Can Vote However You Like”

In the final weeks of one of the most high-intensity elections in the history of American democracy, both left and right were able to put their differences aside for three minutes and 56 seconds, thanks to a group of students at the Ron Clark Academy taking over YouTube, Good Morning America, and even the most hardened political observers’ hearts with their election-themed version of T.I.’s “Whatever You Like.”

It turns out that celebrities doing voter-registration PSAs weren’t nearly as effective as a group of kids, too young to vote however they’d like, communicating the message in the simplest terms while having the time of their lives. At a time when the agenda of every story, poll result, and endorsement was up for grabs, these bipartisan cuties might have just given some undecided people the push they needed to “talk politics all night” before heading to the booth on Nov. 4.

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