No. 2: Lil Wayne Is All Things To All People

What didn’t Lil Wayne do this year? Well, he didn’t run for president, but that’s about all. He played guitar (badly). He launched a champagne brand, because when we think of Lil Wayne imbibing something, it’s champagne. (Additionally, many Americans listen to Wayne’s music while they drink champagne, too.) OK, he had some E as well. (And he got arrested again, that time with guns.) He got remixed a bunch of times. He didn’t die. His “Daddy” gave him a million dollars in cash. The American people gave him a million record sales. He inspired one of the best music essays anyone wrote all year. He kept showing up in Blender. He moonlighted on other people’s records. And he made the absolute knock-’em-dead single of 2008—which, depending on who you ask, is either “Lollipop” or, if they’re me, is “A Milli.”

Oh, and his album was really good. And he’s a good rapper. Happy 2009.

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  • Chris N.

    And if they’re me, it’s “Got Money.”

  • Rock You Like An Iracane

    @Chris N.: You, my friend, are mistaken.

  • Maura Johnston

    @karpe: I kind of can’t believe he’s a Packers fan!

  • Anonymous

    Guys, you haven’t even covered his surprisingly coherent sports blog with espn.


    There’s some gold on there, if you’re into that sort of thing.

  • Lucas Jensen

    I think his album WAS really good. And that’s all. Really, really good. But, hell, by song #2, I’d already heard a track I would have removed! Love the guy, though.

  • Hood

    Im not a hater so dont waste ya time puttin it up but that lollipop shit was trash fa real and he said some dumb shit on that killa ass a milli beat