Lance Bass Really Wishes Justin Would Return His Calls

Billboard brings us the news that Lance Bass is “hopeful” for an ‘N Sync reunion. Really, you don’t say? A guy whose career hasn’t really taken off wishes that his multiplatinum recording act including one of the biggest solo pop stars of our era would record and tour again? Shocking. As far as actual reunion-related news goes, there isn’t much: Bass says, “You never know what the other guys are going to be able to do or what they’re thinking, but I hope in the next few years we would definitely be able to do another tour and another album.” The good news, however, is that a new ‘N Sync album would keep up with the times. “It would have a little more of a hip-hop vibe,” said Bass, “I think we would definitely work with a lot more urban producers, which I think would be a lot of fun.” It would be a lot of fun, if it were ever to happen. Which it won’t. [Billboard]

  • phaballa

    Oh, It’ll happen. When Justin needs the cash.

  • Chris N.

    I’m sure Justin is sitting around thinking, “You know what would be great? If I got paid 80% less, and everybody suddenly got reminded that I used to be in a wuss boy band.”

  • Anonymous

    They can do it without Justin, just get a Boyz to Men, or a Backstreet Boy….better yet, get a Spice Girl.

  • Invisible Circus

    weren’t Joey and Chris griping about this on low rated reality shows recently?

  • Anonymous

    It’s not 1999 anymore. N*Sync’s original fans are out of college and vaguely embarrassed about having liked them. If they do stage a comeback it’ll be as pathetic and vaguely creepy as the New Kids’ attempt.

  • Rob Murphy

    This SO reminds me of the on-again-off-again talk of a Jackson-family reunion from 20-ish years ago. And, it’s not in any way, shape, or form, “ironic”, that Justin Timberlake is portraying the 20-ish-years-on part of “Michael Jackson”.

    Of course, Lance “Jermaine” Bass wants an N*Sync reunion. And of course, Justin “Michael” Timberlake doesn’t give two shites about going out of his way to do this.

    P.S. Kudos to Lance for conceding that a new N*Sync record would probably sound less like a, well, N*Sync record, and more like a, well, JUSTIN FREAKIN’ TIMBERLAKE record. I’m shocked he didn’t suggest that Timbaland should produce the new “N*Sync record”.

  • K2 Herb

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