Ryan Gosling Will Sing You A Dark Lullaby

Jan 7th, 2009 // 8 Comments

Dead Man’s Bones is a Los Angeles-based piano/goth/ramshackle children’s choir outfit that somehow involves Lars And The Real Girl star Ryan Gosling, and the one track the band has released so far is quite good! “In The Room Where You Sleep” is a spooky, dreary piano stomp with the atonal, seemingly aggravated mess of kids serving up some extra creepiness. [MySpace; HT Marah E.]

  1. moomintroll

    Wow, I really enjoyed that. I like it when my admiration for Ryan Gosling is reinforced. It goes to show that kids in music don’t always equal schmaltz.

  2. anawolken

    They’re playing SXSW this year. Details TBA.

  3. the rich girls are weeping

    I seriously cannot stop loving on this. Gothy stomper + menacingly adorable kids = awesome.

  4. AL

    Arcade Fire Juniors!

  5. Nutzrpoppin

    Bobb Trimble should sue.

  6. Nutzrpoppin

    Although, I do like this song a lot.

  7. Nicolars

    He may have the herp, but he writes a nice tune.

  8. Skwerl

    aw, bummer. this is so much better on paper. or in my head while watching with the sound off.
    looks like i’m the odd opinion though.

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