Jan 9th, 2009 // 3 Comments

In case you missed it, the Los Angeles Times gave space for Mike Watt, formerly of the awesome Minutemen but more recently the bass player for the reunited Stooges, to recount his memories of his bandmate Ron Asheton in the wake of the Stooges guitarist’s sudden death this week. [LA Times]


  1. Al Shipley

    Never been big on the Stooges (actually saw them at a festival last year and didn’t really pay a lot of attention), but Watt is such an idol to me and it’s always inspiring to hear him talk about his idols. Really good read.

  2. Anonymous

    Hilarious that LATimes spelled Watt’s old band as Firehose, although that probably happens a bunch. If there were a game where one had to guess what pop song influenced what Stooges song, i would probably lose every time. And i love the band.

  3. Cam/ron

    Thanks for the link, Watt gave a touching tribute to Ron. Mike was always a great storyteller and one of American punk’s finest bassists. Some of his best recollections are in the book, “Our Band Could Be Your Life,” where he added details like D. Boon’s freeway bathroom stops and an eerie incident where he possibly felt Boon’s death.

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