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Hey, Bono’s first New York Times op-ed appears this Sunday! My guess is that he’ll either take his bandmate to task for saying that he pals around with “war criminals” or turn in something suspicously similar to what Lucas thought he’d write when the column was first announced. (“We’ve gotta reach up, reach out, dive in, dive down, hold it, grab it, never let go!”) Either way, I’m sure that it’ll make all the people who used to get paid to scribble for a living panic over how on earth they can keep their jobs by refashioning themselves as “celebrities” in the ever-dwindling moments before people stop reading entirely. (Take heart, fellow writers: At least there’s no way he can be worse than Bill Kristol.) [Earlier]

  1. Anonymous

    I’d be more worried about Bono being friends with U2 than with George Bush.

  2. Audif Jackson Winters III

    What has Larry Mullen ever done besides get replaced by shitty drum loops on “Pop”?

  3. djmedi4

    Everything you need to know about Bono can be found on South Park, Season 11, Episode 9, entitled “More Crap”…

  4. Anonymous

    Oh trust me, it can get worse than Kristol. Over here we had to edit Sean Penn once. My eyeballs are still bleeding.

  5. Mick Kraut

    @slowburn: Maureen Dowd leaps to mind…

  6. Hyman Decent

    It’s on the Times‘s Web site now: [www.nytimes.com]

  7. Hyman Decent

    @Hyman Decent: Er, you guys may have already seen it since it says it was published (on the Web) yesterday.

  8. Hyman Decent

    Bono writes that Paul Anka wrote “My Way” for Sinatra. WRONG. The song was originally French; Anka only wrote (English-language) lyrics for it.

  9. Lax Danja House

    Oh man, I wish I’d seen this post earlier. I could have told you that he’d use the term “Celtic Tiger” as if it was an actual tiger. He uses it in reference to pretty much anything remotely Irish. You know, cos he’s Bono and he’s such the representation of Ireland and not just another rich musician who lives in a mansion.



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