Monday Morning Links: Bruce Springsteen Suplexes The Competition

Jan 12th, 2009 // 4 Comments

• Bruce Springsteen’s song from the Mickey Rourke-in-spandex pic The Wrestler nabbed the Golden Globe for Best Original Song last night. Goldust was unavailable for comment. [AP]
• The title track from Melinda Doolittle’s Coming Back To You is available as a free download from her Web site. []
• A dispatch from a Virgin Megastore going-out-of-business sale in California that an economist could have a field day with: “I hear good things about Steinski, a remix pioneer, and the new R.E.M. is supposed to be a return to form (and about time). For $5.70 each (rather than $18.99), why not? Those are 1975 prices.” [Daily Bulletin]
• Warner Music Group is adding social-networking features to its artists’ sites. Because in the hallways of some major labels, it’s still 2001. [Reuters]
• Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer “seemed all but ready to throw in the towel” on the Zune last week at the Consumer Electronics Show. Lots of people are using pictures of Zune tattoo guy to illustrate this news, but no one’s actually asked him for comment yet. Dude, are you out there? [FT]
• Hey look, good news related to music writing: Country Weekly is actually going weekly (it used to publish every 14-ish days) and dropping its price by $1. [Press Release

  1. televisionarie

    Much as I loved The Wrestler, I thought Springsteen’s song was pretty generic Bruce.

    Ugh, given that I’m from Jersey, I’ll probably go to hell for saying that.

  2. Captain Wrong

    Steinski and REM, eh? $5.70 is about what I remember buying cassettes on sale for in about 1984, which is completely appropriate.

  3. MayhemintheHood

    I loved the hell out of The Wrestler, and was happy to see Bruce’s song win, because I thought it was equally great. I’ve found myself singing it in my head at least a handful of times per day since seeing the movie, even though I get kind of bummed out when I revisit the song/film in my head.

  4. LeBron

    Love the Goldust reference! That dude is highly underrated. Can’t wait to see The Wrestler, my friends who have seen it loved it.

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