An Idolator P.S.A.: Alphabeat Is Off The Katy Perry Tour

Jan 13th, 2009 // 7 Comments

The Danish popsters Alphabeat were one of 2008′s bright spots and one of the acts this site championed, so it wouldn’t be a big surprise that a few of us kicked around the idea of purchasing tickets to see decided Idolator non-fave Katy Perry, who was taking the band on tour with her. While it probably would have been worth the 12 bucks the University of Arizona was charging to catch six Alphabeat songs and take an early trip home, I’m glad I didn’t turn over my credit card number just yet: An e-mail to me from their UK manager informed me that the band has canceled those dates. Disappointing, but I’m glad to know that the band is instead working on their second album and will be heading to the States later in the year. If you bought Katy Perry tickets like I almost did, I’m sorry. So, so sorry. [Official site]

  1. Kate Richardson

    Sorry to those who bought tickets, but generally this is good news. Beautiful Anders SG should never be tainted by Katy Perry’s presence!

  2. Nicolars

    I don’t even want to imagine the kind of mental distress being around Katy Perry would induce…Gitmo might be preferable.

  3. Chris B.

    I was one of those people who bought tickets just to see Alphabeat – and I even bought them for a show out of town because the Seattle show (where I live) is on my birthday and there was just no way in hell I was spending my 30th birthday at a Katy Perry show. I bought tickets to the Portland show instead.

    Thanks for posting this, Dan. I’m bummed that I’ll have to wait longer to see Alphabeat but I was going to start looking at hotel rooms and train tickets later today.

  4. dreamsneverend

    I’m still going.. I want to see Perry cleavage.

  5. Nunya B

    @Kate Richardson: Anders B is so much cuter!

    (We’ve had this argument before, haven’t we?)

    I wonder how much this has to do with their deal with EMI imploding the way it has.

  6. Kate Richardson

    @Nunya B: WRROOOONNNGG. I don’t even know which one Anders B is. But again I reiterate that tall, magnificent Anders SG is the trump Anders.

  7. Nunya B

    @Kate Richardson: B is the cute one (ha), or, if you prefer, the tiny one with dark hair (he writes all the songs).

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