Jan 13th, 2009 // 2 Comments

The lineup for the multi-night Houston Livestock and Rodeo has been announced, and nearly every big country act represented from Taylor Swift to Alan Jackson to Brooks & Dunn. (One troubling development: For the second year in a row, former Livestock Show fixture George Strait is absent.) For the kids (and a few of our commenters), the Jonas Brothers are set to perform on March 8, but the most notable night (for me, at least) is the pairing of Gladys Knight and Solange for a show on “Black Heritage Day (sponsored by Kroger Food Stores).” Solange’s official site shows no scheduled live appearances at the moment, so would it be too much to ask to extend this apparent one-off performance into a full-fledged tour? Pretty please? [Houston Livestock Show]


  1. Ted Striker

    If you want to weep softly, visit the Houston Chronicle’s blog about the lineup, and watch people hate on Solange for not being as…whatever it is that makes Beyonce not Solange.


  2. ObtuseIntolerant

    Woot@the Jonas shout out, Dan Gibson.

    (And I still don’t know why you all didn’t say a word about their countrified/Christianesque show in Nashville, which was wicked good…surprising, strange and darling all at once.)

    Sigh. Oh, well.

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