Run-DMC’s Adidas To Be Forever Enshrined In Cleveland

Jan 14th, 2009 // 14 Comments

Hip-hop pioneers Run-DMC, still-at-it metallurgists Metallica, guitar hero Jeff Beck, doo-wop group Little Anthony & the Imperials, and soul survivor Bobby Womack are this year’s performer inductees into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, the Cleveland-based museum that will enshrine (a certain type of) music that’s defined as “rock” for years to come, or at least as long as enough people want to pay the admission fee. The induction ceremony takes place on April 4, and this year it’s taking place in the museum’s home city, and not in splashy old New York City. Also being honored that night: sidemen Bill Black (bassist for Elvis Presley), DJ Fontana (drummer for Presley), and Spooner Oldham (session musician for Percy Sledge, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan)—and rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson, who’s this year’s early influence of choice. I hope that she gets her “covered by a band of now” due during the ceremony, which is going to air live this year on Fuse (they’re taking over broadcast duties from VH1 Classic); some examples of why after the jump.

“Hard Headed Woman”

“Sparklin’ Brown Eyes”

“Mean Mean Man”

2009 Inductees []
Wanda Jackson – Hard Headed Woman [YouTube]
Wanda Jackson – Sparklin’ Brown Eyes [YouTube]
Wanda Jackson & Red Meat – Mean Mean Man (2007) [YouTube]


  1. Dickdogfood


  2. Anonymous

    Or The Cure?!

  3. iantenna

    not to nitpick, but spooner was more than just a sideman. he was half (along with dan penn) of one of the foremost songwriting partnerships in soul music (i’m your puppet, cry like a baby) and was part of two of the most important studio bands in the 60s/70s south (muscle shoals’ fame and memphis’ american).

  4. Maura Johnston

    @iantenna: please, nitpick away. i’m serious! we’re all here to learn.

  5. Anonymous

    Awww yeah:

  6. jetfan

    Brian Eno has never been nominated.

  7. jetfan

    And Phil Spector was inducted in 1989.

  8. DocStrange

    It kind of sucks that they’ve stopped inducting non-performers. I mean, doesn’t John Peel or Casey Kasem belong in there.

    I think the Stooges will get in next year.

    Hopefully The Smiths, The Cure and Genesis get in next year too.

  9. DocStrange

    @iantenna: that’s what the hall called him. I know he’s more than a sidemen, but he was inducted in the Sidemen category, but his other achievements are considered in his induction.

  10. LostTurntable

    @DocStrange: People have been saying “The Stooges will get in next year” since they were snubbed the first time. I’m not holding my breath.

  11. LostTurntable

    Still no Stooges either. Fuck that weak shit.

  12. Anonymous

    Here comes my annual complaint that Eno is not getting in, either for his own music or his production work. Do they let producers in? Surely Phil Spector has to be in there. Does anyone know if Eno has ever even been on the ballot?

  13. Anonymous

    @jetfan: Thanks for the info. Do you know who exactly does the nominating?

  14. DocStrange

    @JZ13: Old people.

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