Jan 15th, 2009 // 2 Comments

Those of you who missed Damon Albarn’s DJ stint yesterday can catch the three Gorillaz tracks he played—”Broken,” “Electric Shock,” and “Stylo/Binge”—on YouTube, thanks to some intrepid stream-rippers. (Meanwhile, my favorite new discovery of the afternoon, William Onyeabor’s blown-out bit of Afrofunk “Better Change Your Mind,” is streaming in full at Last.fm.) [The Red Radio]


  1. moomintroll

    “Broken” is beautiful, sounds like Damon is singing more confidently, like his performance of “Farmer In The City” at the Scott Walker thing.
    Farmer In The City

    (I hope that link worked…I’m a bit “challenged” shall we say)

  2. Lucas Jensen

    I wonder who is handling production for this Gorillaz round. Count me among those who thought “Demon Days” was way underrated.

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