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Fall Out Boy tour dates! They’re taking a pretty quick trip through the US and Canada (April 3-May 17) that includes a stop at the Bamboozle, and bringing three bands (including Cobra Starship) along with them. [Friends Or Enemies]

  1. Anonymous

    Good hell, they’re playing a stadium in Chicago. I’m glad I went to that Chicago Theater one that they taped for tv so I don’t get tempted to go to the arena date.

  2. TheRunningboard7

    I’m not one to want to see Fall Out Boy (or MetroStation!!!), but this just reminds me that the worst thing about moving to Kansas City is that no one effing comes here. Ever. We got, what, a 9-day Garth Brooks stint every 2 years?

    If anyone knows of a good KC area aggregate for concerts(I’m on the KS side, so Lawrence is AOK, too), I’m more interested than you know.

  3. Maura Johnston

    @TheRunningboard7: I usually use Pollstar for those types of searches, even in NYC. (It doesn’t have, say, warehouse shows, but it’s pretty comprehensive.)


    You can also include surrounding cities!

  4. TheRunningboard7

    @Maura Johnston: Hello, Rascal Flatts!!

    In all seriousness, though, I appreciate it. I’m a little discouraged on the lack of going-ons in the area (didn’t Idol in KC look like an effing ghost town last night? When Seacrest was talking to David Cook’s parents in the street, it looked like I Am Legend), but things like this help.

  5. Anonymous

    Waah, the only date I could possibly make is Bamboozle, and I don’t know if I have the patience for a festival. The fans are bitching about FOB taking so much support on the road with them, especially the execrable Hey Monday.

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