Fall Out Boy: The Offical Rock Band Of The Plushie Crowd

Fall Out Boy are no strangers to the toy tie-in—after all, the band’s series of “action figures” sold out its run. Still, I’m a little mystified by the line of talking plush dolls the band has just released, although I’m sure an entirely new, and even more disturbing, sort of slash fiction will be inspired in the wake of them hitting stores. Beyond the cut, full-sized pics of the seemingly Mii-inspired dolls, as well as a video of two of them kissing (OMG!).

Pete Wentz:

Patrick Stump:

Joe Trohman:

Andy Hurley:

Fall Out Boy Talking Plush [TNI via icecreamhdaches]Fall Out Boy – Plush Dolls – Pete and Patrick Kiss [YouTube]