Oh Lordy

Jan 16th, 2009 // 8 Comments

The Jonas Brothers are the rumored musical guests for the Feb. 14 episode of Saturday Night Live. Yes, that’s “Feb. 14 as in Valentine’s Day.” Yes, I can hear the shrieks of young ladies (intermingled with some pre-emptive begging for bedtime extensions on that night) from coast to coast from my fourth-story perch. [Buzzworthy / Pic via Blingee]


  1. NeverEnough

    Correction: The shrieking of young women AND perverted 30-something women who want to do unspeakably vile things to Joe Jonas.

  2. Ned Raggett

    @NeverEnough: Why am I so not surprised you were the first responder. If they had been on that plane in the Hudson you would have commandeered a ferry just to rescue them.

    That very night I’ll be seeing Sparks at UCLA performing various vivisections on love. Appropriate!

  3. NeverEnough

    @Ned Raggett: Hee hee. I’m gonna go see their 3D movie in a trench coat and glasses with a fake nose and mustache when it comes out.

  4. Poubelle

    I just have to say, I love how that Blingee is animated even in the thumbnail version on the main page. I’m also sorry to see I missed the performance the Jonas Bros. gave on top of my old Trapper Keeper.

  5. ObtuseIntolerant

    @NeverEnough: While I’m not 30 yet, I’m there with you. And I will so be there. Any opportunity to see mah boyz in a “no one under 16 allowed” environment is too good to be true. Outta my way, girlies.

    @NeverEnough: LIGHTWEIGHT. (Ok, my kid is technically my trench coat, but she is old enough to out me, so it’s not the same.)

    Anyhoot, why won’t anyone admit in a general sense that they have fanladies and fangays already? It’s not like it’s remotely creepy like Archuleta and his grannyfans.

  6. DocStrange

    Of course, media watchdogs will flip at the content of the SNL sketches on that day due to the amount of expected young viewers and we’ll get “SNL Lite”, something Lorne Michaels won’t do. I’m just waiting for those girls’ dreams to be crushed when Animal Collective and/or Franz Ferdinand are inevitably announced as musical guests.

  7. NeverEnough

    @ObtuseIntolerant: I’m gonna do my damndest to convince people that my 17 1/2 week old fetus is a really big fan. :)

  8. Pragya

    I respect him for spaenikg out about the Rihanna situation.Most men have experienced the same sort of hurt’ from a female that we thought was leading us on basically, being naive.We live and learn though

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